Kathy Griffin – We Can Do Without You!

by Steve on January 3, 2010

Kathy Griffin stooped to a new low on CNN while co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s show with Anderson Cooper.  How?  Once again, she dropped an F-Bomb in a cheap attempt to draw a laugh by mispronouncing the name of ballon boy, Falcon Heene.  “Fal– Fuckin? Falcon? How do you say it?” Griffin asked Cooper.  Anderson simply dropped and shaked his head, saying “You’re terrible.  Really terrible.”

Anderson, you may have not realized it at the time, but truer words have never been spoken.  I love comedians, but Kathy Griffin has always been terrible in my book.  She’s never uttered a single joke or punch line that drew a laugh out of me. 

Her cheap attempt to draw a laugh in front of a national audience was not only cheap, but insensitive to the live audience watching New Year celebrations on CNN.  New Year’s is the one night a year when many families allow their children to stay up late and watch the New Year roll in on TV.  The one thing parents don’t expect to hear on CNN is an F-Bomb.  Frankly, Kathy’s sick third grade humor didn’t surprise me a bit. 

When are networks going to realize that the woman isn’t funny, and that most Americans don’t care for her?  With today’s liberal-biased media, I guess the answer to my question is “Never!”


Will Tiger Woods Ever Restore His Reputation?

by Steve on January 3, 2010

I’ve admired Tiger Woods heroics on the golf course ever since his playing days at Stanford.  Since turning pro, Tiger Woods has become the face of golf.  As his success and reputation grew, he brought the sport millions of new fans worldwide and billions of dollars to an already popular and rich sport.  We never questioned whether he would win more majors than Jack Nicklaus, we only questioned when.

The media loved and adored Tiger.  He could do no wrong, or at least so we thought.  But as news of his extra-marital affairs began to unfold after his auto accident on November 27, the media turned quickly on Tiger.  He is no longer a media darling, but instead has become the face for infidelity worldwide. 

He has also become the most widely sought after subject of the paparazzi since Brittany Spears chopped off her hair.  The news on Tiger hasn’t been good.  We now know more about Tiger’s private life than we wanted to know.  Whether you can believe every article you’ve read about Tiger’s cheating ways or not, the story is unfortunate even if only one of his 16 reported affairs is true. 

Every sport has it’s heros, but we live in a world where the number of heros our children can look up to is shrinking.  Tiger was not only good for golf, but he and his foundation have been great for millions of children.   In fact, per information on the Tiger Woods Foundation’s website, his foundation has touched the lives of 10 million children.  The foundation was founded by Tiger and his father (Earl) in 1996, the same year Tiger turned pro. 

The sheer number of children the foundation has benefited in such a short period of time is amazing.   According to a letter from Tiger posted on the ”About Us” page of his foundation’s website, character development is an important part of the foundation’s work.  In Tiger’s on words, [quote] “Through character development programs, scholarships, grants, junior golf teams, and the Tiger Woods Learning Center, the Foundation is helping young people reach their goals. ” [unquote]

I don’t believe on kicking a guy when he’s down.  We’ve all made mistakes in our lives.  But shame on you Tiger Woods.  If you’re going to “talk the talk,” you have to “walk the walk.”  And you know this, because you do this every day on the golf course.  We’ve seen the “walk the walk” hundreds of time, accomplishing your goals and dreams in front of millions of people watching from every corner of the world. 

If you want to live a life of infidelity, we don’t want your foundation teaching our children, clear and simple.  What kind of “character development” does your off the course lifestyle teach our children?

Your decision to play a game of “hide and seek” clearly tells the world you have the wrong handlers.  We are a forgiving nation.  Coming clean immediately was your best course of action and you blew that.  You have only prolonged the time period that you’ll be the focus of talk shows, comedy and parody acts.  You’re silence is deafening, telling us that not all of these women are lying.   If they’re lying, why haven’t we seen the slander suits?

Tiger, I’ve seen your kind in the business world countless times.  Your success made you feel invincible, on and off the course.  Your “perceived power” fueled the arrogance and cocky personality you exhibited when dating and flaunting your harem in front of the public.  Three words sum up what you have done to your life, you family, you fans and the millions of children that have looked up to you — stupid, shameless and sad.

And sadly, I feel the price you’re going to pay for your philandering will ultimately be labeled as monumental — far greater than that the toll it’s already taken on your reputation, fame and revenue stream.   If you lose you’re children because of your ways, you’ll never be the same person, on or off the course. 

Oh, you may go on and surpass Jack Nichlaus in the number of majors won.  But you’ll no longer be in the same caliber as Jack Nicklaus, the person.  When friends ask me, “Can Tiger get through this?” or “How can he ever recover from this?” I tell them simply, “If the President of the United States can be on the receiving end of oral sex in the oval office and reclaim his worldwide popularity and most of his lost respect, surely a sports star can do the same.” 

But no matter what takes place in Tiger’s life from this point on, no matter how many tournaments or majors he might win, his reputation and image will be forever tarnished.  The “Tiger” jokes and cartoons will continue for some time, maybe throughout his career.  Although he is going through some really tough times, I think that Tiger has the mental power to regain his dominance between tee and green, but it may take some time. 

The media will have a field day when he does return to the public spotlight and the links.  But his life as he knew it will never be the same.  Despite all his great accomplishments, despite the fact that we are a forgiving nation, despite the fact that time heals all wounds, Tiger may be able to restore his reputation over time — but never to the place or level it once enjoyed in our hearts and minds.  Like a cut golf ball, there will always be a scar on Tiger’s reputation he must learn to accept, and will never be able to remove — regardless how successful he becomes or how much his reputation improves.

I’m sure that within a week or two we’re all hear that you’ve checked into a sex-addiction rehab center and you’re going to work on saving your marriage, life and reputation.  This will be just a big farce that has been mandated to you by Nike and your remaining sponsors, who’ve suffered the loss of billions due to your cheating ways.  Their only salvation for the billions they’ve invested in using you as their pitchman, is to show the world that you’ve recovered from your “illness.” 

I don’t question that you’re addicted to sex and have serious emotional issues you need help on resolving.  But the “rehab” you’ll undergo is your only hope of getting back a few ounces of the tons of respect you’ve lost.  We’re a forgiving society and your handlers know it.  They’ll demand you undergo rehab or else they’ll drop you like a hot potatoe and everyone knows it.  As for me, I really don’t think you’re sorry, I just think you’re sorry you got caught.  Hopefully, in the best interest of your poor wife and kids,  whatever treatment you seek will work and you can build a better life for yourself.  However, I’m thankful that you were exposed for the person you are (or were), so that we can minimize the number of children that consider you as their role model.

Just my 2 cents

Square Daddy

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